Different Alloys for Different Purposes

Alloys can be considered one important material for many things in this life. That is because many things we use in this worlds are made from the alloy. Some of them are the electrical equipment, the manufacturing of the aircraft, the conveyors, and many other things. This is one reason why different types of alloys are used for many different purposes. If you consider yourself as a newbie and need to learn more about the types of alloy, then some of these common alloys might give you a little description.

The first one is the titanium alloys. This kind of alloy is usually called as the aerospace alloys. That is because this kind of alloy is usually sued in the aircraft manufacturing because of its tough and stiff characteristic. As an addition to that, this kind of alloy also has the considerably higher melting point compared with some other alloys. The second one is the stainless steel alloy. This kind of alloy can be considered as the most common alloy that is used in many people’s daily. That is because this kind of alloy has the considerably better corrosion loses and will not harm the people even if there is a direct touch to the skin. The cutlery and the strap or the watch is examples of how the alloy is applied.

Another one is the cooper alloy. This kind of alloy can be considered as the specialist of electricity. That is because the cooper alloy has a very high heat and electrical resistance. Therefore, you will be able to find this kind of alloy for the electrical equipment. The last one is the aluminum alloy. Basically, this kind of alloy is just the additional alloy that cannot stand-alone. Therefore, aluminum alloy is usually combined with another metal to create one new metal with different characteristic for different purposes.